We are all born with all the elements in the body in our lives, we have all the same parts, we have hands and feet are not different, we have eyes that are used to look, have a mouth to eat. With all the dolls, it is wise to use these opportunities in the pursuit of experience and success, and do not bent over for help if it is not necessary. Handicapped, but their minds are ready to fight to survive, ready to forward, even if they don"t have all the limbs, but they never have a heart to give up on it. It"s a story that all of us who have all body parts should watch and study like watching a big life fighter drama. See how much clay Buddha statues will survive in order to cheer up. We ourselves so that we can have the strength to live on because we have to live in order to sustain our species, so if we are still people who have all the organs, then we are still. Still looking at the feet and do not know what to do, we would lose the birth that we were born with more than others, he would not be able to do what others he was. The most terrifying thing is the human mind because it is something that is unpredictable, but we can control ourselves. Do not let the evil mind control us and fight it properly. that we are people with perfect bodies


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