It seems that our economy is deteriorating day by day due to many things that we know well that now our country is facing serious problems of illiterate leaders. Leaders are not knowledgeable enough to It will lead the country to the point where the population can live well, eat well and sleep if we have enough leadership potential to lead our people and our country into a global market or a good economy. And the general public wouldn"t have to struggle to improve their quality of life because nowadays the quality of life of the grassroots people seems to be low-class and soil-like as they are called. Grassroots, and there is no tendency or attitude that the economy at the root level or that the profitees at the draft level will be profitable enough. We can write farmers who have been hit by middlemen, but only when they sell them back. Huge profits, why don"t the government set a price that is the middle price that the middleman can buy at a set price and not more than the set price to help farmers not to be overly exploited by the middleman? why We may see our country moving forward several steps as well. In fact, we are able to help farmers in many ways, but we do not have the strength or strength to help but the people they have. It is not surprising that we will see our people or those who are in trouble, and they still have a burden of debt. will have to pay as well


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